FX Blue Labs can give third-party developers access to the same technology which we use to create a single app which runs on multiple trading platforms.

You create your app as web-based content - HTML+Javascript, or e.g. Flash with underlying Javascript - and you request data and carry out actions using our simple Javascript API.

Our app API has four main benefits for developers:

  • Cross-platform development: write the app once and deploy across multiple trading platforms
  • Flattens the learning curve: no need to learn broker- or platform-proprietary interfaces or programming languages
  • Considerably decreases your time to market
  • Enables a new class of application on many platforms, e.g. user interface functionality which a platform cannot support natively


The FX Blue Labs Javascript App API works as follows:

  • There is a desktop wrapper application around your web-based content. The wrapper is responsible for interfacing with the underlying trading platform such as MT4 or FXCM TS2. Latency is minimal because communication happens directly from the trader’s computer to the broker’s server, not e.g. via an intermediate server which translates web requests into FIX communication with the broker server.
  • Your web-based content is loaded and displayed by the desktop wrapper application. Your content "connects" to the wrapper/API by including a Javascript library using a simple <src> tag.
  • Your web-based content can then use simple Javascript, e.g. to place a new market or pending order.

There are wrapper applications for several different platforms (with more under development). For example: there is a standalone desktop application for FXCM TS2, an EA for MT4, etc.

Your web-based content can place orders using the App API without needing to interface differently with each underlying platform. In other words, you can write a single trading application which runs without modification on FXCM TS2, MT4 etc.

API functionality

In overview, the App API can be used to do the following:

  • Place simple orders (pending or market)
  • Query the list of pending orders and open positions
  • Close or partially-close positions
  • Amend pending orders or positions (e.g. change the s/l)
  • Get account metrics such as equity, floating P/L, and free margin
  • Query the list of available symbols
  • Get current ask and bid prices
  • Request historic price data (i.e. candles)