Figaro is FX Blue's unique trading and market-data app, available on web and mobile.

What makes Figaro different?

  1. Huge range of tools to choose from - over 50 widgets including trading tools, market data, calculators, and many more
  2. Completely configurable - rearrange and redesign the platform, building your own preferred trading app
  3. Powerful scripting - automate common actions, or build new content for the platform
  4. Download and share content with other people via email, social media, or the web
  5. Put your customer onboarding and journey inside the web & mobile app
  6. Figaro can be integrated with any trading venue which has a web-compatible API



Watch some videos of Figaro in action. (The video library is constantly being added to - check back for updates.)

Market data

Figaro provides a wealth of market data tools, and traders can use the platform's configurability to build their own preferred view from the many widgets which Figaro makes available:

  • Fully-featured charts with 100+ indicators, 50+ drawing tools, 15 chart styles, and configurable time zones
  • "Mini" charts for monitoring several markets at once
  • Currency strength and heat map
  • Trader sentiment
  • Technical analysis and buy/sell score
  • Market scanner and future-events scanner
  • Correlation matrix
  • Quote board
  • Tick charts
  • Market depth and order book


Figaro gives clients unrivalled control over their trading activity:

  • One-click and keyboard trading
  • Trading from charts
  • Order batches and grids
  • Risk-based trade sizing
  • Powerful order templates, including defaults for all trading or for individual markets
  • Bulk trading actions - for example, close all positions more than 20 pips in profit
  • Optional safeguards such as maximum risk settings, or a block on trading without a stop-loss

Traders can also use the platform's powerful scripting to automate their trading - auto-generate a script for an order which they place regularly, and turn that into a custom one-click icon in the software's banner.


Clients can build their own trading app, choosing from Figaro's 50+ widgets to create a platform which reflects their own needs and interests.

Figaro offers all the hugely popular tools from our MT4/5 desktop app suite, plus many more including currency strength, order grids and batches, calculators, and trade analysis. Tools such as the quote board and trade list can show different amount of detail and complexity, to reflect the trader's level of experience or to provide a simplified interface on mobile devices.

The ability to re-configure the platform also means that FX Blue can quickly create customised white-labels for broker clients:

  • Not just a re-branded platform!
  • Your preferred initial layout based on the typical needs of your clients
  • Content from your website such as education, webinars, client portal
  • Third-party services such as signals, trade-following, market analysis
  • Client onboarding within the platform

Client onboarding

The configurability of Figaro makes it easy to put your client onboarding inside the web and mobile platform.

At its simplest, the Figaro web and mobile app can just frame your registration and client portal, letting clients create and fund accounts from inside the app. But you can also go far beyond this: Figaro's scripting lets your portal interact with the app, reading information about the logged-in account or switching the client between different accounts.

Alternatively, you (or we) can use Figaro's comprehensive scripting to create onboarding and funding which runs directly and natively within the app (rather than framing external content on your website).

Working the other way round, it's also possible to log clients directly into Figaro from your client portal, or even to embed Figaro inside your client portal.

For example:

Share content

Traders can use Figaro's Data Transfer widget to copy settings between their devices, or to share content with other people.

For example, a trader can download a chart, send it by WhatsApp or Telegram (or email, or post it on a web forum), and other people can then upload that exact view into their own copy of Figaro.

  • Chart settings (full charts and mini)
  • Market scanner settings
  • Scripts
  • Suggested trades
  • Screenshots

Similarly, your market analysts can post chart settings and trading ideas on your website, and clients can download that analysis into their own copy of Figaro - much more engaging than simply watching a webinar or reading an article with a static screenshot.


Figaro has comprehensive scripting - even on mobile!

The platform can write scripts for common actions, such as placing trades or opening widgets. Traders can then turn these scripts into icons in the software's banner, giving them instant access to important tasks.

Software developers can go far further and write new content for the Figaro platform - chart indicators, trading algos, or whole new widgets of the software.

The web app can integrate with Microsoft Excel via a downloadable bridge, and this bridge also provides http and websocket interfaces into the web platform. Traders can write code in the external environment/language of their choice, such as Python or C#, and communicate with the Figaro platform to read account and price data or place trades.

It's also possible for traders to send messages into Figaro from outside the platform, including the ability to create push notifications in the iOS and Android apps. Traders can create mail from any environment which can make HTTP requests - for example, an EA in MT4/MT5. It's also possible to write scripts inside Figaro which receive such mail, analyse it, and carry out automated actions.


Figaro can be integrated with any trading venue which has an API suitable for use in a web-based platform. For example:

  • REST/websocket APIs such as those offered by IG, OANDA,, and FXCM
  • Crypto exchanges
  • MT4 and MT5 Server, using our MTIS

It's even possible to connect Figaro to MT4/5 without any server integration, by running the FX Blue Figaro EA in the MT4/5 client terminal.

Figaro can be used to trade any assets which are available on the account which it is connected to: forex, other CFDs, equities, futures, crypto etc.

If your firm has multiple trading back-ends, such as MT4 plus a proprietary platform, Figaro can be configured to connect to both of them, letting clients log in and trade either type of account from a unified and consistent front-end.

Figaro market data widgets

All the market data widgets from Figaro can be extracted and used separately on your public website. Figaro can give you not only a web and mobile trading platform, but also a wealth of interactive content to attract new clients to your website.

Figaro traders' room widgets

As well as market data on your public website, you can also use the Figaro widgets to improve the facilities inside your client portal.

Instead of just listing accounts, give clients live updates about their trading positions. With minimal integration work, you can display updating, real-time information about the client's open trades and account metrics. You can also show historic transactions in a powerful filterable, sortable list, and let the client generate trading statements for any period.

Information can be presented on a read-only basis (as in the examples below), but you can even turn on trading functionality and let the client open and close positions from within your client portal, without separately needing to go into their trading platform.