Benefits for Brokers

FX Blue Labs' apps and services are truly market-informed: they have evolved over time in response to feedback from both brokers and thousands of traders around the world.

The apps help people to trade more efficiently and to make more informed and confident trading decisions. The suite of apps caters for a huge range of trading needs and styles, extending from scalpers who want the assurance of precise order entry through to traders who base their decisions on complex models in Excel. As a result, brokers report improved metrics in all the following areas:

  • Attracting demo users
  • Converting them to live funded accounts
  • Retention of customers
  • Increases in trading volume

In addition, apps such as Connect can help the broker to leverage existing sunk costs and extract more value from the investment which they have already made in their own web assets and other third-party tools.

Global Apps

FX trading is now a global business attracting traders from more than 120 countries worldwide. Brokers have had to develop increasingly sophisticated multi-lingual marketing and trader support mechanisms, and to invest in technologies that can support their markets. FX Blue Labs recognises this need and supplies its apps in 25 languages as standard and can add further languages rapidly upon request.

Cross-Platform Apps

Brokers are increasingly diversifying across multiple trading platforms. FX Blue Labs can enable the broker to provide consistent branding, functionality, and trade-assistance across all the platforms which they offer, with three main benefits:

  • Ease the transition to new platforms, and increase take-up by offering familiar multi-lingual apps across all platforms
  • Increase trader satisfaction with each individual platform
  • Reduce the broker's dependence on any single platform

Own Branding

All the apps and services are supplied under the broker's own name and brand, extending to customisation of colour schemes etc within the apps if a broker has a corporate standard which they want to apply. FX Blue Labs provides the technology platform that allows the broker to reinforce its own brand and to concentrate on developing a strong relationship with their client. The trader perceives an enhanced service which is seen as being provided by the broker themselves.