Other services

In addition to our ready-made apps and widgets, FX Blue Labs provides a range of other solutions for brokers and traders: automated technical market feeds, market depth, trading competitions, and many more including bespoke development.

Signal Technology

FX Blue Labs produces the technology that makes 'social' trading possible. Our tools can mirror trading signals between different brokers and trading platforms, operating on the client-side at traders' discretion in order to reduce exposure to regulatory rules about investment advice.

Trading Competitions

FX Blue Labs can run trading competitions for brokers, either on a "black box" basis - all enrollment and results appear only on the broker's own website - or in conjunction with the www.fxblue.com website in order to attract additional participants.

Trade Analysis Portal

Using the technology from the www.fxblue.com website, FX Blue Labs can provide a broker with their own-branded website where traders can log in to analyse their trading history and view open positions.

www.fxblue.com & Advertising

The FX Blue group runs the www.fxblue.com website, and can offer attractive advertising opportunities for brokers to contact tens of thousands of FX traders worldwide.

MT4 Price Monitor

The Price Monitor is an MT4 EA which monitors the prices you are deliving to clients, watching for prices not moving, spread spikes, large price changes, or a complete loss of connection. It can send alerts by email and SMS, and display a web-based dashboard of prices.

Bespoke Development

FX Blue Labs is always interested in receiving requests for bespoke development from brokers and other trader-facing firms such as education groups. This work can either be entirely bespoke, or can be based on our proprietary APIs to create a multi-platform solution.