MT Integration suite (MTIS)

The MT Integration Suite (MTIS) provides an HTTP and websocket API around MT4 and MT5 (server, not client terminal). The API is designed to be used by both individual clients and also on a back-office/managerial basis, behaving identically regardless of whether the connection is to MT4 or MT5.

Connect your CRM and website to MT4/5

For example:

  • Collect and display trading activity in your CRM
  • Give your clients a better traders' room, with live order data streaming over websockets
  • Automate account creation, deposits/withdrawals, and password changes
  • Build better, more customised, more compliant statements of account
  • Create price widgets and displays from live data

Build bespoke monitoring, reporting, and automation

For example:

  • Warn clients in real time about trading during high-impact news
  • Track accounts which are close to margin-call or stop-out
  • Congratulate clients on winning trades
  • Automate dividend processing, scheduled in advance!
  • Publish real-time client long/short sentiment on your website

Client API access

We're in the 3rd decade of the 21st century. The days of only offering FIX as an API option - and only to VIP accounts - are long gone.

  • Give your clients API access comparable to what's offered by IG, OANDA,, and all the crypto exchanges
  • Let traders import data such as open positions, account history, and candles directly into Excel or Google Sheets (without any programming, using just a URL, and without needing to run an EA in the MT4/5 client terminal)
  • Let clients use the programming languge/environment of their choice, whether entry-level or complex - Visual Studio, Excel, Python, R, PHP, batch files, Node.js, etc etc etc

Simple installation, light touch

The MTIS is built on top of the MT4/5 Manager API, not a server plugin. As a result, any load on the API can be kept on a separate server and prevented from affecting the MT4/5 server itself. Any number of clients using the API share a single streaming connection to the MT4/5 server, transferring load away from MT4/5.

The API caches data such as candles, preventing these queries from hitting your MT4/5 server, and the API can be configured to offer multiple international points-of-presence to minimise latency and maximise speed for your clients.

The API has minimal processor and memory usage, doesn't depend on or require any other software such as a web server, and can offer advanced features such as ZIP compression over websockets to minimise bandwidth usage.

Ease your transition to MT5

The MTIS API harmonises the differences between MT4 and MT5. You and your clients can collect data and write tools identically regardless of whether the connection is to MT4 or MT5.

For example, a traders' room which you build for MT4 can work without modification on MT5 as well, and anything which clients build will similarly continue to work if their account is migrated from MT4 to MT5.

Customisable authentication

As well as simply offering login using the MT4/5 account number and password, you can also do the following:

  • White-list the clients who are allowed to use the API
  • Make the API available only to specific affiliates/white-labels
  • Use custom authentication instead of the MT4/5 credentials

The API also offers facilities such as one-time keys, letting you verify a client's credentials server-side and then securely pass that authentication to the client-side. For example, once your client portal has verified the user's identity, you can securely transfer authentication to the browser so that a trader's room page can make a client-side websocket connection for that client directly to the API.

Don't get left behind!

The API doesn't just let you offer clients what they have come to expect from market leaders in the industry. It's also flexible, letting clients work in the way that they want rather than forcing them to use particular technologies or programming languages.

For example:

  • Optional XML output - easier for Excel users than JSON, and allows direct data import into Excel and Google Sheets using just a URL
  • Configurable candle time zones. Traders can request daily candles based on any time zone, such as UTC or US East Coast, regardless of your MT4/5 server time zone
  • Harmonisation of MT4 and MT5, and of netting vs hedging accounts on MT5